FanReact – a Social App for Sports Enthusiasts built on the Telerik Platform

Your Sports. Your Teams. Your Reactions. FanReact!
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FanReact is a social platform for sports fans. Talk sports with your friends, upload photos and videos of your reactions to great moments, and share your thoughts on the game with your network. It is available for free on the iOS and Android App Stores. FanReact is our Telerik Featured App for February 2015 as it makes great use of the Telerik Platform for development, testing, distribution, and backend services.

About this app

We interviewed Chris Buckner of the FanReact team who told us about their reasons for creating FanReact and their choice of Telerik as a major element of the technology stack behind this social platform.

Chris Buckner

What inspired you to create FanReact?

Two years ago, Auburn beat Alabama with a last second field goal return in what many consider one of the greatest college football games of all time. If you are a sports fan, you have seen it. How do we know? Just look at the YouTube numbers for any and all videos even relating to that play. We quickly noticed that even reaction videos of people in their living rooms were getting hundreds of thousands of views. It didn’t take long to realize that this was a potential business market. We just needed to grow our idea. After months of reevaluating, pivoting, and research, we determined that an app that housed just reaction videos was not completely sustainable. So, we created team boards from pro football down to high school baseball teams. And with that, FanReact was born.

FanReact builds on the idea of sharing your sports experiences amongst friends while following your favorite sports team – whether professional, collegiate or high school – for any and all sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. The concept allows fans to share photos, videos and commentary as original posts or reaction comments during live games or on team boards that you are following. Additionally, users can vote up or down posts to create trending content that connects users to what is hot. The FanReact team presented the concept to the development group ContentActive in Houston, TX with our design and requirements. After review, ContentActive suggested utilizing hybrid mobile development because of the versatility, availability of the technology and cost savings for distributing on the multiple platforms we wanted to target: iOS & Android.


How did using Telerik software solutions help you move the project forward?

The Telerik Platform was specifically selected because of its incredible cloud development and distribution platform supporting jQuery Mobile and Cordova. We were excited by the Platform’s ability to allow developers to easily develop and test on the go as needed to get the job done while allowing full distribution of updates to the FanReact team using the Live Sync feature. Additional Telerik components allowed for centralized functionality such as Telerik Backend which helped us enable email hooks and push notifications. Multiple workspaces were setup with the cloud development environment for testing, staging and production code sets, allowing us to separate our environments for new changes, staged updates and distribution to stores.

The Telerik Platform allowed us to easily integrate core Cordova plugins such as camera, file and file transfer, and notifications, while we also used plugins from the Telerik Plugin Marketplace including the Social Sharing plugin that allows for simple sharing of content from within the app across social media.


“500 Users in our first week”

While we have many revenue models ready to launch, by far our biggest revenue producing feature will be our sponsorships. Companies will soon be able to sponsor boards and reach their target demographics like never before. Whether you are a local business that knows what high school football means to your community or a well established brand that is looking for a national presence, advertisers will have the ability to sponsor one or as many boards as they need. With over 360,000 boards including 8,700+ high schools with an average of 16 sports per school, advertisers can pinpoint their perfect buyer.

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