Understanding Scope in JavaScript


Migrating from Cordova to NativeScript

Have you ever seen the depressingly true “time/money/energy” diagram? No? Now you have: Many of us are actively giving up time (being at work) in exchange for money. (I think the energy meter should be half-full, but that’s beside the point ☺️.) We are forced to make compromises to live day-to-day, so why should we […]

Get Started with NativeScript for Mobile App Development…for free!

When I first ventured into app development I turned to NativeScript because it allows me to apply the web development skills I have honed over many years to develop native mobile applications in an open source framework. From a single code base I can write and deploy native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. […]

Touring the US with Kendo UI and a Camper

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to drive my camper to the West Coast to hang out with a bunch of awesome user groups and talk about our Kendo UI library! A week before leaving, I purchased a 1977 Apache Ramada solid state popup, picked up my 11-year old Pomeranian, Toshmagosh, and […]