CatchMe App Uses Telerik Tools to Help You Locate Your Friends

CatchMe – July Featured App. Find your friends’ locations using Facebook and Mapbox
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The CatchMe App was built using Kendo UI Mobile on Telerik’s AppBuilder platform using the Visual Studio plugin for AppBuilder. It provides a convenient way for you to find your friends using Facebook’s Graph API with Mapbox for maps. The app is available in several different languages and functions across all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. With CatchMe, you can connect with your Facebook friends and see how far they are from you by checking their position on a map.

To ensure your privacy, you can log in and set yourself to ‘Ghost Mode’ to hide yourself from any of your friends. You can also block and unblock users. The app can visualize the speed, direction and altitude when this information is available. You can connect with multiple friends at the same time and sessions can stay open as long as you need. CatchMe makes it easier to catch up with your friends – literally!

Riccardo Di Nuzzo

About this app

We interviewed Developer Riccardo Di Nuzzo who told us about how he developed this app.

What was your motivation for the creation of this app?

“I developed the app based on the problems that I always have when I have to meet up with someone but I don’t know if he or she is on their way or maybe is just on the other side of a square or street.”

CatchMe is a location sharing app that can help you to coordinate meeting up with your family and friends. You are in control over who can see you and you can stop the connection at any time or even hide yourself. This app works in real time. You will see the distance, the speed and the altitude of your friend. If your friend doesn’t have the app installed or you are not currently connected, you can send him or her your position easily!”


“Once you are connected you can ping your friend or send back a pong. It’s a fast and fun way to stay in touch when you are meeting up.”

What Telerik products did you use to build CatchMe?

“CatchMe is built using AppBuilder with the Visual Studio plugin, Kendo UI for mobile and Telerik Backed Services. It is integrated also with other third parties’ APIs, in particular Facebook.”


What were some challenges you faced when building it?

“One of the main problems using HTML, JavaScript and Cordova to build a mobile app is the responsiveness of the UI and performance in general. This is an issue that unfortunately can’t be removed but can be reduced and minimized by iteratively optimizing the UI code using all the best practices to bind your UI with the local and remote data.”

What are your plans to monetize this app?

“I will be providing some in app purchase options once the number of users reaches a consistently high level. I decided to exclude ads because this could annoy many people for the amount of traffic involved to get ad revenue. Without ads, you can keep the app in the background and be confident that the only traffic that is generated is for the purpose of the app.”


What’s next for CatchMe?

“There are new features that are coming soon. The most important are chat, directions and meeting points. I’m also introducing the possibility of using phone contacts to connect with your friends. A wearable version of CatchMe is also in progress and will be ready soon.”

Catch Me? Catch that!!! This is a great little app! It’s easy to use with quick results! Especially useful for somebody with no sense of direction like me! -A Reviewer