BRS App – Featured App for June 2015

BRS App – Supporting the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention Meetings on Chemical and Waste Management
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The BRS App, built using Kendo UI Mobile on Telerik’s AppBuilder platform, provides a window to information about the meetings of the global chemicals and wastes conventions. It gives quick and easy access to essential information about the 2015 Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions well as other essential information about their respective Secretariats.

Sherman Chen

About this app

We interviewed Developer Sherman Chen who told us about how he developed this app.

What was your motivation for the creation of this app?

“The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) approached me at the beginning of March 2015 seeking a consultant who was able to develop a cross-platform, hybrid mobile app using Kendo UI Mobile. Being an expert in Telerik tools gave me the edge when it came to them deciding to whom to award the project.”


“The app was meant for use during the UNEP Environmental Conference of Parties from 4 May to 15 May, but in the end, we decided to include a simple push notification so that the users can continue to keep in touch with the latest information long after the conference is over. Therefore, the app is still active at the present moment, and being used by approximately 338 government officials from every continent.”

What Telerik products did you use to build it?

“For the development of the app, we focused mainly on the Telerik Platform in the web browser experience, and as a developer, I spent a lot of time working on Sublime Text with the Telerik Platform package installed on the Macbook.”


What challenges did you have to overcome?

“One of the greatest technical challenges we had was the time constraint for the app. UNEP approached me in March, and the app had to be completed in 1.5 months. We were really fortunate that with the use of Telerik Platform’s tools, we were able to get the app up just before the start of the conference. Another challenge that we faced was trying to decide how we wanted to display the documents (.docs and .pdfs).”

How could this app be better?

“There are plans in the near future to integrate the Telerik Analytics within Telerik Platform for monitoring the usage statistics of the app. On top of that, we also intend to improve the experience for users to view documents within the app itself (as opposed to using the native app browser). Part of this enhancement also includes adding simple tools like highlight and sharing functions.”

“We also realized that the layout can be further improved for the Tablet view, and that is something we will also be looking at moving forward. We will likely be using components like the SplitView.”

“This is a welcome addition to the tools used by policy professionals in the negotiations on international chemicals management. The design and layout is simple, intuitive and stylish. I’m pleased that it was released for both Android and iOS at the same time.” – Reviewer