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Azure for Developers

On this Episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Michael Crump talks about why Azure is important to .NET developers. We learn how Azure goes beyond virtualization, hosting databases and deploying websites. Michael talks about his experience with Azure coming from a C# client app background and the “ah-ha!” moment with the benefits of moving to […]

Why Serverless?

Like most developers I know, I'm fairly jaded when it comes to the "next big thing." I've been in development, professionally, for over twenty years, and while I've seen a heck of a lot of incredible improvement in my time, I've also seen my fair share of fads that come and go. Up until somewhat […]

How to Serve Serverless with Examples in Azure

Modern development is about fast, modular code, microserverices architectures and cloud-readiness. I wrote about cross-platform containers just a few months ago to explain the myriad benefits of having small, self-contained images with all of your app dependencies in simple, lightweight and reusable containers. Although containers are often cited as the infrastructure of choice for microservices […]

Cross Cutting Crossover

On this episode we cross over with the Cross Cutting Concerns podcast for a special dual interview show. Matt Groves talks about CAP theorem and the challenges of distributed databases. Ed Charbeneau shares his perspective on why it’s important as a full-stack developer to understand machine learning. Matthew Groves Matthew D. Groves is a guy […]

Building Predictive Web Services

An Azure predictive web service uses the power of Machine Learning (ML) to deliver a prediction based on a set of input data. In this article we’ll learn about building a predictive web service using Azure ML Studio. We’ll continue to use a training experiment created in the previous article Machine Learning for Developers as […]

Progress Goes To Google I/O

This week, Progress is at Google I/O in the human form of Tara Manicsic and yours truly. Google I/O is a big conference that takes place in Mountain View at the shoreline amphitheater. At my first I/O, Sergey Brin jumped out of a plane with Google Glass and landed on the top of the Moscone […]

A Developer’s Perspective on Microsoft’s /BUILD Announcements

As the makers of your beloved Telerik developer tools for .NET ninjas and as partners, Progress has a big presence at Microsoft's /BUILD conference. We want developers to be successful as Microsoft shares their vision of what's next for technology and how pervasive intelligent software can help shape our lives. Here are my "developer perspectives" […]

Machine Learning for Developers

As Machine Learning (ML) becomes mainstream in the software industry it's important to understand how it works and it's place in the development stack. With a firm understanding of how to build a ML service for your application, you can identify opportunities in your applications for ML, implement ML, and communicate clearly with ML professionals […]

Microsoft Cognitive Services and Friends

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code guest David Giard discusses Microsoft Cognitive Services, functionalities, and how they’re used. We brain storm ideas for the future of cognitive APIs and what UX problems they will eliminate. David Giard David Giard is a former accountant and a former biochemist, who has been developing solutions using Microsoft […]

Into the Next Dimension with Big Data

Ed Charbeneau shares is session “Into the next dimension” from M3 Conference. Developers today need to pay attention to evolving platforms and the rapid rate at which they are expanding.