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Adding Unit Tests to Your NativeScript App

The bane of many a developer’s existence, writing unit tests is about as popular as seat belts in the 80’s. We know it’s a good idea, but how can you reach your six-pack of PBR with a strap across your shoulder? What if it were actually easy to write and execute unit tests? What if […]

A Guide to App Store Images

You’ve just finished designing, coding, and testing the next killer app. It’s beautiful. It’s engaging. It’s rock solid. The next step is publishing to the app stores. No sweat. This is when you realize there are 60+ different app icon sizes and 40+ splash screen sizes you can provide. Oh, and we haven’t even gotten […]

Willy Wonka Was Actually Talking about NativeScript

One of the most endearing films of all time, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, is that rare flick that has maintained a certain relevance for both children and adults alike. Wonka displayed a relentless, almost manic, pursuit of his vision of what a candy factory should be. Ignoring the fact that his Oompa Loompa […]

Flying with Xamarin and Telerik UI

Ask any developer about what code they are really proud to have written – the stories would be amazing. Maybe it is life-saving software in a healthcare system, or mission critical app in a global business or simply an open source library used freely by thousands of other developers. We software developers should take pride […]

Working with XML Data in NativeScript Angular 2

I recently wrote a tutorial for using RESTful API data in a NativeScript Angular 2 application. This tutorial included everything from Angular 2 providers, HTTP requests with RxJS, and data persistence with a NoSQL database called Couchbase. In most scenarios, remote web services will return JSON data to be consumed in your client facing application, […]

Working with RESTful Data in Angular 2 and NativeScript

NativeScript and Angular 2 provide you with the tooling to accomplish some pretty great things in the native mobile space. For example, I wrote an article not too long ago demonstrating how to create a barcode scanning application with a local inventory, which used a variety of technologies including NativeScript and Angular 2. Creating our […]

Platform-Specific Development with NativeScript

From day one, NativeScript has allowed you to leverage one codebase to create native mobile apps for multiple platforms (including the web!). It’s undeniable that writing code once and generating native apps for iOS, Android, and (soon) Windows is a tremendous time-saver. NativeScript’s robust modules abstract away platform-specific implementations and provide one clean and easy […]

The Diminishing Use Case of Hybrid Apps

PhoneGap is the most comprehensive, and most influential polyfill in the history of web development. PhoneGap had the audacity to envision the web as a first-class citizen on mobile, and did so in an era when we were hacking around the bug-laden iOS 4 and Android 2.2 browsers. But like all polyfills, PhoneGap was built […]

Building Angular 2 Web and Native Apps from a Single Codebase

So, you need to build a web site. Great! If you’re an Angular developer, you immediately dash to your favorite IDE and start scaffolding out your site. But wait! Maybe you also need to build a mobile app to accompany your beautiful new site. Now what? It’s become clear that Angular 2 is not just […]

A Lap Around Push Notifications

Guests Simon MacDonald and Sam Basu discuss best practices when using push notifications in your application and Simon’s involvement with Apache Cordova.