Taming the React Setup



Developer Digest 3

Brian and Ed discuss the latest news in the development community including Slackbots, security tips, spreadsheets and NativeScript.

Moving from Vanilla JavaScript to Angular 2 in NativeScript

Telerik has recently been emphasizing the support for using Angular 2 to build a NativeScript mobile application. Being able to use a solid JavaScript framework like Angular 2 to build native Android and iOS applications is a huge win for mobile developers. However, what if you’ve been developing NativeScript applications using vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript? […]

.NET Core Goes RC2

Earlier this week Microsoft delivered the second second release candidate of .NET Core, .NET Core RC2. As with most bleeding edge software, there’s a lot changing and much to learn. I sat down with Jeff Fritz from Microsoft and talked to him about what’s in the new release. A summary of that discussion is provided […]