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Welcome to HTML 5.2!

On the 21st of June 2016, HTML 5.1 has turned from being a Working Draft into a Candidate Recommendation. As you might know, this is the second step of the process that turns proposals into the standards that affect our lives daily when developing for the web. Because it has become a Candidate Recommendation, HTML […]

We Have Seriously Underestimated Angular

I was putting together the keynote for the upcoming NativeScript Developer Day conference, and I had a slide placeholder in to talk about Angular. NativeScript has supported Angular 2 since it was released in RC at ng-conf in May. You can check out our quick 2 minute segment of the keynote where we announced our […]

How to Prepare Your Toolbox for the SharePoint Framework

In July, we were at a junction. We had just wrapped up a new SharePoint On-Premises module with Angular v1.4 and ngOffice UI Fabric. Our previous module was Angular v1.2 with UI Bootstrap.  We knew the SharePoint Framework was coming, and would even eventually come down to On-Premise in 2017.  Plus, at the rate JavaScript […]