19 Tips to Make Learning Angular 2 Easier



19 Tips to Make Learning Angular 2 Easier

Have you been flirting from across the room with Angular 2? Is it time to glide across the room and and say, "Hello"? Before you do, and you should, I'd like to give you a pep talk. I'd like to give you 19 thoughts that will make your efforts more fruitful. So, listen up. 1. […]

An Introduction to Progress Labs – Incubating Innovation

When I joined Telerik a few years ago, it was to be part of an innovative company that had a direct line to developers around the world – and actively curated meaningful conversations about technology. More than ten years earlier, Telerik was founded by visionaries who knew they could help developers code more engaging and […]

Should You Use Angular 2 in Your NativeScript App?

One common question new NativeScript users often ask is whether they should use Angular 2 or not to build their app. In today’s Slack chat, we’ve invited a few of our Telerik Developer Experts to help you decide. The questions for today’s chat are: What are the advantages of using NativeScript with Angular 2? What […]