UI for Xamarin Deep Dive: Starting Strong


Creating an Angular 2 Injectable Service

This guide was written for Angular 2 version: 2.0.0-rc.4 Services are an abstraction layer that handles an application's business logic, which usually includes communicating with a backend and parsing/returning data or datasets. In Angular 1.x, we had a few different ways of creating a service (.service(), .factory() and .provider()). For this guide we'll be comparing […]

Building a Conversational Bot with JavaScript and Node.js

Let's admit it – speaking to other people is so last century. Today, we might talk to our machines (Siri, Alexa, etc.), but, if we want to communicate with people, we use text. We SMS rather than call or chat via Slack rather than video via Skype. Even things like one-on-one customer support seem to […]

From ui-router to Component Router

This guide was written for Angular 2 version: 2.0.0 Routing in Angular 2 has finally stabilized with the introduction of the latest component router which allows us to map components directly to routes. In this guide, we'll be converting an Angular 1.x application using ui-router to an Angular 2 application using the component router. Table […]