Building Node-based APIs with the LoopBack Framework



Using Kendo UI in SharePoint Online Pt. 2 – Development Options

Welcome to the second article in this series that explores how to use Kendo UI by Progress in SharePoint Online. Please review the previous article that serves as a guide to getting-ready to create SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio. Developers have several choices regarding how to build out and deploy their SharePoint customizations. We will […]

Why the Command Line? Why now?

Modern developers are often polyglots — they dabble in different operating systems, programming languages, frameworks and tools as they build the next generation of applications. On top of that, modern applications run on a variety of platforms and devices, all leading to very mixed developer skill sets and tools of the trade. No longer are […]

Kendo UI Grid Filtering with Querystrings

Kendo UI's Grid component supports several methods of data binding. The two that I most commonly use are Local and Ajax (Ajax being the more common as of late). One pain point I've always had with this however is that the AJAX binding doesn't store state when filtering, paginating, sorting, etc. Compare this to the […]