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Will Angular 2 Take Off?

Angular 2 released a third release candidate this week, which means that we are getting very close to a final release. So the question(s) for today’s Slack chat are: Do you expect Angular 2 adoption to take off? Will it achieve the level of adoption that Angular 1 had? Why or why not? How do […]

Improving the Quality of Front End Projects, Automatically! Pt. 2 – CSS and Sass

In this series, I'm focusing on tools that help developers and companies deploy software with good quality code by automatically performing checks on different areas of front end development. Part 1 introduced the "Musketeer principle" (i.e. a developer is one element of a team and should collaborate to achieve the common goal, but the team […]

Become a CLI Artisan on Windows

To some developers, it seems like not long ago that we were trying to come to terms with the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The tool of the trade was the Command Line Interface, because it was the only way. Visual Studio slowly transformed Windows developers by abstracting away command line tools until they were no […]