What is a Software Developer?


What is a Software Developer?

This article has been many months in the making, and actually stemmed from a really uncomfortable family discussion around the dinner table where we had an argument about, of all things, what a “Coder” is. A non-technical dinner guest asked me what it meant when my young niece said she is “learning code” by having […]

Developer Digest – Automapper update, Native Mobile, Editors and JavaScript Dominates

Ed and Brian cover the latest news in the development community including: Microsoft ends it’s quest to include an object mapper. We’ll look at all the ways you can build Native Mobile applications that look professional. Your favorite text editors battle it out for a place in our hearts. And JavaScript Dominates the Stack Overflow […]

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a term that you hear often in the software development industry, and since 2015 that term has become even more popular. So what exactly is this Machine Learning, where did it come from, why is it gaining popularity, and how is it important to software developers? Let's start by looking at the […]