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Kendo UI in SharePoint Online Pt. 4 – SharePoint Lists

Welcome to the fourth article in this series that explores how to use Kendo UI by Progress in SharePoint Online. In the previous article, we explored how to reference Kendo UI in our solution so that we can start creating web pages that feature Kendo UI widgets. In this article, we'll look at how to […]

Kendo UI in SharePoint Online Pt. 3 – Referencing Kendo UI

Welcome to the third article in this series that explores how to use Kendo UI by Progress in SharePoint Online. In the previous article, we created a Visual Studio solution that adds a new feature to our SharePoint site collection. The purpose of that feature was to deploy required Kendo UI files to the style […]

Using Kendo UI in SharePoint Online Pt. 2 – Development Options

Welcome to the second article in this series that explores how to use Kendo UI by Progress in SharePoint Online. Please review the previous article that serves as a guide to getting-ready to create SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio. Developers have several choices regarding how to build out and deploy their SharePoint customizations. We will […]

Kendo UI Grid Filtering with Querystrings

Kendo UI's Grid component supports several methods of data binding. The two that I most commonly use are Local and Ajax (Ajax being the more common as of late). One pain point I've always had with this however is that the AJAX binding doesn't store state when filtering, paginating, sorting, etc. Compare this to the […]

Introduction to Using Kendo UI in SharePoint Online – A “How To” Series

This article series will provide the web developer with a detailed "how to" guide to using the the HTML5 and JavaScript framework Kendo UI by Progress in Sharepoint Online. We'll focus on using it within Office 365, although you will find the techniques applicable for on-premise as well. The primary target for this resource is […]

Is jQuery Still Relevant?

Although jQuery's heyday may have passed, the library is still used at a staggering rate. But how of much of that usage is legacy? And how many developers are choosing to use jQuery in new applications? In today’s Slack chat we’ve invited a few industry experts to talk about these questions and more. The topics […]

How to Prepare Your Toolbox for the SharePoint Framework

In July, we were at a junction. We had just wrapped up a new SharePoint On-Premises module with Angular v1.4 and ngOffice UI Fabric. Our previous module was Angular v1.2 with UI Bootstrap.  We knew the SharePoint Framework was coming, and would even eventually come down to On-Premise in 2017.  Plus, at the rate JavaScript […]

Moving into the Modern Age of SharePoint Development

The introduction of Office 365 and SharePoint Online has completely changed the skill set required to be successful in the marketplace. As a SharePoint developer myself, this sent me on a journey to reinvent myself as a front-end web developer and I know that I'm not the only one out there in this situation. What […]

Using Kendo UI for jQuery in a React App

Kendo UI for jQuery provides 70+ UI widgets for building complex, enterprise-grade JavaScript applications. However, today's complex JavaScript applications require more than jQuery alone. This is why, at Progress, we are experimenting with completely new, re-written from the ground up, Kendo UI for React components. You can find these new components in Github and on […]

Angular 2 Upgrade Strategies from Angular 1.x

Angular 2 is almost here. It’s currently in the mid-release candidate phase, and the web is buzzing with excitement. However, there will be many groups of people – development teams, contractors and tech leads – that are both excited and a little unsure of what to do next – and those people are the Angular […]