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Perks of using UI for ASP.NET MVC

Whether you code in pure JavaScript, Angular, Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC or PHP, Kendo UI allows you to code in whatever language you're most comfortable with. Kendo UI has implementations for jQuery, Angular 1.x and 2.x, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC (and .NET Core), Java and PHP. Being a .NET developer, my choice is the UI for […]

A Gif Guide to Getting Started with Kendo UI

Using Kendo UI components in your Angular application helps you make a robust application quickly with succinct code. When you’re working on a deadline, like during hackathon, or just a regular stressful deadline, like getting work to a client on time, coding faster is better. Having succinct, easy-to-read code is great when you’re working in […]

Angular UI Components – the Directors Cut

In January we announced the Release Candidate availability of Kendo UI for Angular – a comprehensive UI framework, written from the ground up as native Angular components. That's right no jQuery dependency, no wrapping old code and pretending it's new. We've been hard at work getting ready for the full release, which will ship in […]

Ship Quickly, Ship Quality: The Developer’s Quest

The recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017 unearthed a ton of intriguing information about the developer community. The Kendo UI team, influenced by the heroic origins of our JavaScript UI library’s brand name, saw these results through our own prism: all evidence points that being a developer is a daring quest! Developers need to work […]

How to Create an Angular Application: Adding Styling with Kendo UI

One of the biggest hurdles to creating your projects can be getting from zero to running project. Using the Angular CLI makes that process painless and fast. In this post, we’ll get a project skeleton together using the Angular CLI and then add some base styling with the Kendo UI for Angular default theme along […]

The Era Of Micro Packages

While the concept of package management in software development is almost as old as the concept of software itself, over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of what we might call “Micro Packages”. These are packages that are incredibly small in size and scope. A good example of this would be libraries like […]

Triple A File Uploads with Azure, ASP.NET Core and Angular

This is BETA software. This article was written prior to the Release Candidate of Kendo UI for Angular. The ASP.NET Core Template Pack is still in development and supports only Angular version 2.0.0. To remain compatible with Angular 2.0.0 a beta version of the Kendo UI for Angular is required. Note that some demos may […]

Building An Interactive Timeline With Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a UI library that enables you to build rich, smart HTML5 and JavaScript applications for any platform, browser, or device. Over the years, we’ve dedicated many hours to building up Kendo UI to the point where it now consists of over 70 components. These range from simple ones, like the Button, to […]

Building An iTunes Player With Angular

By Angular, we mean Angular 2. In this tutorial, we’re going to build an iTunes Search application. The app will use the open iTunes JSONP API to search for artists, display albums by that artist in a Kendo UI Grid. Each album will be expanded to show a detail grid which will contain all of […]

Improving the State of your App with Redux

Redux is a self-proclaimed "predictable state container for JavaScript apps." It has gained popularity through its association and integration with the React library. In this article, we'll look at the basics of Redux architecture and then explore how to build a "real world" application using Redux and Angular 2. What is Redux Redux is a […]