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Visual Studio Toolbox for Modern Web Development

Showing developers how to be more productive in Visual Studio is exactly what Channel 9's show Visual Studio Toolbox is all about. Hosts Robert Green, Dmitry Lyalin and Donovan Brown interview community leaders and industry game changers on latest tools you can add to your Visual Studio Toolbox. Ed Charbeneau and Sam Basu had the […]

XamarinShow – Polished UI for Xamarin.Forms Apps

XamarinShow is a hugely popular Channel 9 show for Xamarin developers and enthusiasts. The charismatic James Montemagno plays host to industry trendsetters and Xamarin experts to discuss all things pertaining to cross-platform connected mobile app development. XamarinShow showcases popular developer tools/frameworks/integrations and keeps Xamarin developers up to date on latest happenings in the Xamarin land. […]

Month of Angular – 2017

Angular (formerly Angular 2) continues to gain momentum in the marketplace. We at Progress have been fans for some time – including support in NativeScript and Kendo UI for Angular. Lately, we’ve seen a growing demand from developers for resources to learn Angular or to move from AngularJS 1.x to Angular. That’s why we are […]

Building MVC Sites with Enterprise Stability and Open Source Flexibility

Choosing the right CMS is always hard, especially with so many options on the market. Having a familiarity with the underlying development paradigms of a CMS is one of the key evaluation factors. In this respect, ASP.NET MVC should be on your radar because the framework is established as one of the best and there […]

Web Stack Tools to Prepare You for the Future of SharePoint

One big, though still green, opportunity is hanging over the heads of SharePoint developers and there is a distinct possibility it ripens in the next year. We are here to make sure that when (or, some would add, if) it does, it will not fall on anybody’s head. This opportunity is, of course, the SharePoint […]

Mobile apps at HackMIT 2016

HackMIT 2016 is coming. Hackathons offer the opportunity to meet many new people and learn tons of new things in a short period of time. Participation in initiatives like these can inspire us for a long time. So, when you have an opportunity to join a hackathon, I recommend that you do it without any […]

An Introduction to Progress Labs – Incubating Innovation

When I joined Telerik a few years ago, it was to be part of an innovative company that had a direct line to developers around the world – and actively curated meaningful conversations about technology. More than ten years earlier, Telerik was founded by visionaries who knew they could help developers code more engaging and […]