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Lukas Ruebbelke

Developer. Hacker. Community backer. Author and blogger. Console logger. Angular trainer and course instructor.

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From ui-router to Component Router

This guide was written for Angular 2 version: 2.0.0 Routing in Angular 2 has finally stabilized with the introduction of the latest component router which allows us to map components directly to routes. In this guide, we'll be converting an Angular 1.x application using ui-router to an Angular 2 application using the component router. Table […]

  • March 22, 2017

From ngAnimate to Angular 2 animate

This guide was written for Angular 2 version: 2.0.0 Originally, Angular 1.x was created to help developers build enterprise applications faster. With the introduction of ngAnimate written by Matias Niemel√§, Angular 1.x suddenly offered something for everyone. Not only could developers create powerful line of business applications, but designers could use Angular to create rich, […]

  • March 17, 2017

From ng-controller to Component Classes

This guide was written for Angular 2 version: 2.0.0-rc.5 Controllers have been the basic building block of Angular 1.x since the dawn of time. With Angular 2, the essence of the controller still exists, but it has evolved into a more sophisticated life form known as the component class. In this guide, we will start […]

  • February 20, 2017