Visual Studio and Telerik Platform: Mobile App Development Awesomesauce

In this recording of my talk from the Sydney .NET User Group, I walk through all the goodness in Visual Studio 2013 and the Telerik Platform for building mobile applications.


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  • Scott Pearson

    I enjoyed this video very much. I work for a software company that uses .NET and VS to develop hybrid apps using Kendo UI and Phonegap, so it was of interest. We write extensive Enterprise applications that leverage SQL Server and are hosted as web applications via IIS, as well as are deployed as native files (most typically via Air Watch).

    I have always thought it would be great to let customers of ours (the organization) to extend features we have developed, and your talk got me thin king about a Telerik AppBuilder version that perhaps they could use to extend the core capabilities. It could serve in a way as our SDK for the UI,

    the problem of course is we have protected IP which would need to be more compiled in nature, and extensive APIs (rest and soap) which clearly still would need to be hosted. But I wondered if you felt I was barking up the wrong tree in thinking there might be a way to extend our app with partners or the customers themselves using your tools? Any thoughts would be appreciated.