An Introduction to Progress Labs – Incubating Innovation

When I joined Telerik a few years ago, it was to be part of an innovative company that had a direct line to developers around the world – and actively curated meaningful conversations about technology. More than ten years earlier, Telerik was founded by visionaries who knew they could help developers code more engaging and beautiful apps, with more powerful UIs, to create experiences that would have lasting benefits.


When Telerik was acquired by Progress towards the end of 2014, there was some initial concern of a loss of this attitude. Would developers still be our first priority? Would we still be on the bleeding-edge, paving the way for those who have relied on us for so long? And most importantly: Would we still be able to innovate – to research new technologies, to examine the market in-depth, to build with our own hands some of the craziest ideas you’ve heard of? Thankfully, Progress has proven that this answer is a resounding YES.

I’m proud to announce today the formation of Progress Labs – a new innovation effort at Progress that will turn crazy ideas into new realities for our current customers, future customers, and for the greater good of open source software!


While Progress has a history of innovation, this is the first time all of our innovation teams will be under one (virtual) roof, with one set of goals and deliverables in mind. Progress Labs exists to nurture ideas, concepts, and napkin-sketched thoughts – and we believe that our output will be world-class.

Our projects will show up regularly in GitHub and right here on the Telerik Developer Network.

So what are we going to be working on first? Well, we’ve already started and while I can’t give away too many secrets on day one, I can tell you we have ideas floating out there around topics like:

  • ChatBots
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • VR and AR (a.k.a. “mixed reality” or “holographic computing”)

These are exciting times – and with that I’d like to welcome you to regularly check up on our GitHub repo and here on TDN. In this space you’ll regularly hear from us as we communicate to the world what we’ve done, demonstrate a variety of thought leadership content, and of course, show off some code to help you complete the vision of your next great idea!