Five Tips to Build Fast Hybrid Apps

In the third AppBuilder Office Hours episode John Bristowe, Rob Lauer, and I gave five tips for building fast hybrid apps. The five tips are:

  1. Avoid the network
  2. Use a fast web view
  3. Use native code where applicable
  4. Keep an eye on the state of the art
  5. Manage the DOM

Here’s the recording for your viewing pleasure:

With this episode we also offered a prize to one lucky viewer that submitted a question for us to answer live. We’re happy to announce that the prize, and a brand new Amazon Fire TV goes to Tim Benson. Tim’s question was:

Can you explain what makes AppBuilder the best tool for building Cordova hybrid apps specifically in areas of speed, likeness to native apps on the target platforms and the simplicity of app production?

Through the magic of YouTube time linking, you can watch us answer this here. Want to see your question answered live? Submit a question on our homepage and we’ll answer it during our next episode. You can follow Telerik on Google Plus for new episode notifications.