The TelerikNEXT Conference App – Built with NativeScript

TelerikNEXT Conference App
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The TelerikNEXT Conference App, built using Telerik’s new opensource framework for building mobile apps, NativeScript, was designed to help attendees of the TelerikNEXT conference which took place in early May, 2015, navigate their conference sessions. It allowed Telerik to showcase an app built for Android and iOS using NativeScript which was formally released in time for TelerikNEXT as a new way to build high-performance native-feeling apps, all while writing in JavaScript.

Alexander Vakrilov

About this app

We interviewed Project Manager Valio Stoychev and the technical leads on this app, Vladimir Enchev and Alexander Vakrilov, who told us about the challenges of building an app on a tight deadline using NativeScript.

What was your motivation for the creation of this app?

“This app was built for the Telerik NEXT Conference in Boston in early May, 2015. This is the biggest event for Telerik in 2015 and we wanted to make sure that our customers and attendees would have a good mobile app to help them to check the conference schedule, check floor plan, and get notified of any changes and announcements during the event.”

What Telerik products did you use to build it?

“Since we had a very short deadline and User Experience was critical for this app, we selected NativeScript as an application framework. We also hosted the event schedule in the cloud using Telerik Platform Backend Services. For the app itself we also used the native UI components for iOS and Android.”

TelerikNEXT app navigation

What technical challenges did you have to overcome?

“As this was a customer-facing application we had to make sure the UX and the performance were top notch. We could not afford to make two separate native apps as this would require a much bigger developer team with Objective-C and Java skills and deep knowledge of the iOS and Android runtimes. Using NativeScript saved us both time and personnel overhead.”

How could this app be better?

“We did not have time to implement offline support, unfortunately, and and also could not include session surveys inside the app. Hopefully, for next year’s event we will be able to add these important features.”

How did Telerik’s toolset help you complete the app?

“Telerik toolset was a critical part of the app and played a large role in shaping the developer process. We could not have delivered this app on time and with this level of quality if we did not use Telerik products. By using the NativeScript framework we were able to implement the UI of the application once and then deploy the app to iOS and Android with complete code reuse while achieving native UX and performance on both platforms. We were also able to reuse our web skills as the programming model and the styling are very similar to the way we build web sites.”

What are your future plans for this app?

“We hope that for TelerikNEXT 2016 we will be able to extend the app with offline capabilities and to make it more personalized. If you’re curious about how we built it and our plans for it, watch this app’s Github repository.”