Nativescript: Past, Present and Future ({N} Developer Day Keynote)

Three years ago some engineers at Telerik begin working on a mobile framework that could help turn web developers into mobile developers. Not mobile web developers or hybrid developers, but true native mobile developers. Over two years later, that framework was released as the open source project called NativeScript.

We’ve come a long way since then, but it’s really just the beginning. At NativeScript Developer Day 2016 in Boston, Burke Holland and Todd Anglin took a look at the true story of why we built NativeScript, an exciting look at our future plans, as well as some exclusive NativeScript announcements.


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  • Carver

    Really excited to see NativeScript grow, it’s such an amazing tool. I’m coming from developing native apps in Swift, and was amazed at how similar building apps with NS feels to building apps with Swift, though or course NS is a lot easier to learn and the cross platform feature makes it the winner hands down.

    I just have one request, please don’t make Angular a requirement. I understand that it’s an option and some people like it, but others, like me, HATE it. Building with NativeScript in JS or TS is awesome, but please don’t adopt Angular as a required framework down the road. One of the things that I instantly loved about NativeScript was that it’s so straight forward and easy to learn. Adding Angular only makes a mess out of everything!

    Thanks for all your work! I’m totally onboard with NS for mobile app development and plan to build my business around it!