Human Factors and Software Ergonomics

On this Episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Sara Ford shares her experience with studying Human Factors and how it relates to software development. Sara explains how the study of ergonomics forms a basis for improving user experience and software ease of use. Cognitive biases when developing software products are discussed.

Sara Ford

As a long time Windows user and .NET developer, I’m challenging myself to level-up my skills using Git and GitHub, especially on Windows. As an industry, I feel we provide great content for beginners and for experts, but how do we target content for people in the intermediate category? Therefore, I’m going to blog every single day in 2017 about something new I’ve learned about using Git and GitHub. I’m hoping that showing my day by day progression can help others who are in similar situations, i.e. trying to reskill after years of industry experience.

Show notes

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