HoloLens Dev Kits Are Shipping

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Greg Levenhagen talks about the newly shipping HoloLens dev kit. UWP, Azure machine learning, and cognitive services are discussed.

Greg Levenhagen @GregLevenhagen


Microsoft MVP Windows Platform Development. I help run ThatConference. pragmatic polyglot. Win10, WP, iOS, Android. Go XAML/C#|C++ & HTML/JS/CSS! HoloLens!!!

Sam Basu @samidip

Sam Basu

Samidip Basu is a technologist, Apress/Pluralsight author, speaker, Microsoft MVP, believer in software craftsmanship, gadget-lover and Developer Advocate for Telerik..

With a long developer background, he now spends much of my time advocating modern web/mobile/cloud development platforms on Microsoft/Telerik stacks. His spare times call for travel and culinary adventures with the wife. Find out more at http://samidipbasu.com.

Show Notes

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