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Everything you need to present on Telerik products – Wrapped in a box!


First up … you’re awesome

You are a developer and a technologist. You are a community guy. You are a software craftsman and love preaching about technology that you are passionate about. To top it all, you’re fond of Telerik products and don’t mind sharing the love.

Isn’t it time someone said ‘Thank You’ for all that you do? For once, couldn’t someone just prepare polished content that you could simply go present? We’re here to help.

What’s a Presentation-In-a-Box?

Think of it as a Christmas present – nicely wrapped, with exactly what you were hoping inside. The idea is to provide everything that’s needed for a technical presentation, customizable to audience and length of talk. Here’s what you’ll find in our GitHub Repos – use it all or just pick the pieces you need:

   1. Presenter Guides
   Pointers and speaker notes | You can also roll on your own

   2. Slide Decks for every need
   HTML 5 web-based interactive decks | PDFs | PowerPoints

   3. High Impact Demos
   Selected showcase apps | Flexibility with IDE

So, the next time you want to talk about your favorite Telerik products at a User Group or technical Conference, you know where to look. Boxed presentations with a bow on top!

Can I get some help?

Telerik has a team called Developer Relations, filled with folks called Developer Advocates. While all of us are developers first, our primary weapon of choice is – words, both written and spoken. It’s what we do – so just give us a holler to come present!

Here’s all of us:
@burkeholland | @remotesynth | @mbcrump | @samidip | @tjvantoll | @jenlooper | @codylindley | @edcharbeneau | @johnbristowe | @kashyapa | @sebawita

Have fun

Preparation is the key to any successful tech presentation and now you have solid content to fall back on. So, relax and have fun with your tech talk.

And remember – You’re awesome. We mean that.

The Telerik Developer Relations Team

Contact Person

Sam Basu
Developer Advocate

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Telerik Kendo UI

Modern Web & Mobile – done right | Deck

Multiple Smatphones-50

Telerik AppBuilder

X-Platform Hybrid Mobile Apps | Deck


Telerik UI for ASP.NET Ajax

Richest toolset for ASP.NET Developers | Deck

Cloud Storage-50

Telerik Backend Services

Complete cloud BaaS offering | Deck


Telerik NativeScript

Native X-Platform Mobile apps with JS | Deck