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Migrating from Cordova to NativeScript

Have you ever seen the depressingly true “time/money/energy” diagram? No? Now you have: Many of us are actively giving up time (being at work) in exchange for money. (I think the energy meter should be half-full, but that’s beside the point ☺️.) We are forced to make compromises to live day-to-day, so why should we […]

Building Native iOS and Android Apps With Vue and NativeScript

Vue is a popular JavaScript framework for handling the view layer of your application. NativeScript is technology that lets developers use JavaScript to drive completely native iOS and Android applications. Together the two technologies let you build mobile apps with the simplicity you expect from Vue, and the power you expect from NativeScript. The NativeScript […]

Code PaLOUsa Mobile Panel

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, we’re in front of a live audience at Code PaLOUsa talking about all things mobile. For this episode we’ve assembled a panel of mobile experts featuring Sam Basu, Mike Branstein, and Nick Landry to share their advice on tackling modern mobile development. Samidip Basu Samidip Basu (@samidip) is […]

Accept Signatures in Your NativeScript Angular Mobile Application

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I run into startup businesses using payment processing applications like Square all the time. If you're unfamiliar with these applications, they are credit card processors, whereby the customer signs their name to validate the transaction. This signature ends up in your email receipt and is also likely to […]

Test Password Strength Using Regular Expressions in a NativeScript Mobile Application

Recently I released some content around form validation within a NativeScript application that uses Angular. This is great as you can use it to check your form for errors based on any number of criteria. However, what if you wanted to guide your users through a form process rather than validating the data? An example […]

Generating Splash Screens and Application Icons for NativeScript Mobile Apps

So you've created a fantastic mobile application for Android and iOS using NativeScript and you're getting ready to publish it to Google Play and iTunes. This is great, but more work probably needs to be done. For example, you probably don't want to use the stock NativeScript application icons – also called launcher icons – […]

Form Validation in a NativeScript Angular Mobile Application

Not too long ago I wrote a tutorial to compliment the Angular documentation for form validation in an Angular web application. This was a follow-up to an old AngularJS tutorial I wrote for form validation in an Ionic Framework 1.0 application. As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of NativeScript, and while NativeScript supports […]

Using CodePush with NativeScript

Would you like to be able to dynamically update your NativeScript app that is already deployed to a phone and/or a tablet? Think about it for a moment… You could just push a quick update without having to go through Google Play or Apple's App Store. This is where the nativescript-code-push project comes in. It enables your […]

Why Do You Need NativeScript?

There are more ways to build mobile apps than there are Nicholas Cage DVDs in the bargain bin at your local Walmart. Because there are so many choices, it can be difficult to tell which frameworks will improve your development processes, and which will turn out worse than Nicholas Cage’s twelve <=10% Rotten Tomatoes movies. […]

How to use Firebase Cloud Messaging in a NativeScript Angular Mobile App

An often critical part of mobile application development is the requirement of being able to receive notifications from a remote source, often referred to as push notifications. Previously I had explored how to use local notifications in a NativeScript application, but these are triggered based on a schedule within the application itself, rather than a […]