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Getting Physical with the Beacon-enabled Web – Fluent 2016 Session

In my talk from this year’s Fluent conference I discuss Eddystone beacons, the physical web, cultural installations, treasure boxes with treasures, and Kendo UI-powered web sites.

Cordova Plugin Roundup – PhoneGap Day 2016 Session

In last few years Cordova plugins have become the cornerstone of many high-quality Cordova and PhoneGap applications. In just the last year, we at Telerik have grown our curated Cordova plugins marketplace from small handful of plugins to now 65 and counting. In my talk from PhoneGap Day 2016 you’ll learn about the latest greatest […]

Static Sites for JavaScript Developers – Fluent 2016 Session

Static sites are gaining in popularity, but the most popular solutions are all built in Ruby. What’s a JavaScript developer to do? In this presentation from Fluent 2016, I outline the viable options for building static sites using JavaScript and try to help you decide which one you should consider using.

Building Hybrid Mobile Apps with PhoneGap & Kendo UI (Session Recording)

The fastest way to build apps that reach the largest number of screens is still the web. But if you need access to native device capabilities, the next best option is hybrid. Hybrid apps leverage 100% of the web developer skill set (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) while exposing device APIs to JavaScript via a native proxy. […]

There’s a Cordova Plugin for that! (Session Recording)

True hybrid apps leverage the power of native platform features and the hardware it’s running on. Cordova plugins unleash that power. But how complicated is it to use them (spoiler: it isn’t) and how hard is it to create them (spoiler: a bit harder but not that hard)? In this session from TelerikNEXT, Eddy Verbruggen […]

Performance Tuning Your Mobile Web Apps (Session Recording)

2014 saw more people accessing the Internet on their mobile devices than traditional desktop computers. With more and more people constantly connected, the expectation for performance is greater than ever. While mobile web is considered a harsh environment with low processing power, a few key techniques can be used to get the best performance out […]

Building Touch Apps With UI for WPF (Session Recording)

It’s 2015, and ever since the release of Windows 8, touch is becoming the norm for PC users. PC manufactures are releasing touch-screens for everything, including laptops. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon you skill set and write Windows Store Apps to utilize this functionality. With Telerik UI for WPF, you can make […]

Building Offline Ready Mobile Apps (Session Recording)

Building apps that can withstand an unsteady internet connection has become the norm for today’s mobile-first world. In this session from TelerikNEXT, I explore different techniques for taking your apps offline while providing a seamless experience. I look at common scenarios and pitfalls that you should be aware of when enabling offline capabilities for mobile […]

Building Mobile Apps with Visual Studio (Session Recording)

We’ve all heard about the various ways to build mobile apps such as web vs. hybrid vs. native…but what does that mean for .NET developers who enjoy the rich feature set of Visual Studio? Do we need to invest in (insert web framework of the month), expensive native platform developers or a shiny new Mac? […]

Building Amroo with NativeScript (Session Recording)

In this session recording from TelerikNEXT, Miroslav Valchev, co-founder of Cool Apps Ltd., shares his real-world development experience with NativeScript. His team used NativeScript to rebuild Amroo, an app that won the 2014 Telerik Hackathon. Apart from the specifics of building the app, he talks about tips and tricks for what makes great apps. He […]