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Progressive Web Apps — Yeh or Meh?

The impetus for this chat came when our very own Burke Holland dropped this hot take in the Progress DevRel Slack: “I'm still so meh on PWAs that I can't even.” For those unfamiliar, Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, is a Google-led initiative to bring native app features such as home screen access and push […]

What’s the Best Editor for Modern Web Development?

The JavaScript editor wars have heated up in recent years, with the introduction of new players like GitHub’s Atom and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. In today’s chat we’ll discuss three of the popular editors, Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code, in an attempt to help readers find an editor that meets their needs. Specifically, […]

What is the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is an evolution of the Windows Runtime model that grew out of Universal Windows 8 apps into a broader multi-device strategy for Windows 10. However, for many developers, the specifics remain unclear. In today's Slack chat, members of Progress's Developer Relations team and special guest, Carey Payette, of Falafel Software discuss […]

The Benefits of Coding Side Projects and How to Get Started

Here at Progress we’re huge fans of side projects. Most of us have built a variety of projects for many software ecosystems over the years. So for today’s Slack we wanted to talk about what we’ve learned from our side project experiences, and what we can recommend to developers who want to get started. Specifically, […]

The State of the Union in ASP.NET Core

This week on the Telerik Developer Network has been focused on ASP.NET Core. Obviously, the ASP.NET Core presents a major change for .NET developers. So our team is here to discuss what it all means in today's Slack chat. Sam Basu: So 2016 has been a pretty interesting year for .NET developers. We have a […]

Is jQuery Still Relevant?

Although jQuery's heyday may have passed, the library is still used at a staggering rate. But how of much of that usage is legacy? And how many developers are choosing to use jQuery in new applications? In today’s Slack chat we’ve invited a few industry experts to talk about these questions and more. The topics […]

Should You Use Angular 2 in Your NativeScript App?

One common question new NativeScript users often ask is whether they should use Angular 2 or not to build their app. In today’s Slack chat, we’ve invited a few of our Telerik Developer Experts to help you decide. The questions for today’s chat are: What are the advantages of using NativeScript with Angular 2? What […]

NativeScript or Hybrid? How to Choose.

Two of the more popular options for building mobile apps today are hybrid apps built with Cordova, and frameworks for building apps with native user interfaces such as NativeScript. In today’s Slack chat we’ve invited in a few of our Telerik Developer Experts that have experience in both worlds to help you decide which framework […]

Will Pokémon Go Change the Mobile Landscape?

Here at Progress we’re infatuated with Pokémon Go, the Pokémon collecting app that has taken the world by storm. As such, we’ve invited a few of our Telerik Developer Experts to talk about the game, and the longterm impact it’ll have on the mobile and business worlds. The questions for today’s Slack chat are: What […]

Will Angular 2 Take Off?

Angular 2 released a third release candidate this week, which means that we are getting very close to a final release. So the question(s) for today’s Slack chat are: Do you expect Angular 2 adoption to take off? Will it achieve the level of adoption that Angular 1 had? Why or why not? How do […]