Nick Branstein

Nick Branstein

Nick is a software developer, hardware geek, video game enthusiast, and Clevelander at heart. As a Senior Consultant on the Application Development team at KiZAN Technologies he works with companies of all sizes to develop software solutions. Nick is one half of the Brosteins duo that blogs at, where he shares his love of JavaScript, TypeScript, indie game development, NativeScript, and technology. During the day, Nick focuses on building web solutions on the .NET platform, but moonlights as a technology enthusiast.

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Entity Framework Code First Migrations

It’s well known around the office that I have a love/hate relationship with Entity Framework. Entity Framework is an ORM that provides many features aimed to make your life as a developer much easier. One of these features that you can take advantage of as a developer is Code First Migrations. Code First Migrations enable […]

  • April 11, 2016