Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev is a front-end developer, blogger and speaker. He loves writing JavaScript and experimenting with the latest CSS and HTML features. Author of the "Node.js blueprints" book he is focused on delivering cutting edge applications. Right now, with the rise of the mobile development, he is enthusiastic to work on responsive applications targeted to various devices. Living and working in Bulgaria he graduated at the Technical University of Varna with bachelor and master degree in computer science.

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A Journey Through Client-Side Testing with JavaScript

Having tests is important. They allow us to extend and refactor our code with ease. Many developers follow test driven development as a workflow. I believe that writing tests makes software development much more interesting and generally leads to better code. Well-designed and tested systems are easier to maintain. Over the last few years, developers […]

  • January 20, 2015