XamarinShow – Polished UI for Xamarin.Forms Apps

XamarinShow is a hugely popular Channel 9 show for Xamarin developers and enthusiasts. The charismatic James Montemagno plays host to industry trendsetters and Xamarin experts to discuss all things pertaining to cross-platform connected mobile app development. XamarinShow showcases popular developer tools/frameworks/integrations and keeps Xamarin developers up to date on latest happenings in the Xamarin land.

I had the pleasure of joining my good friend James on the XamarinShow in early February. We discussed common roadblocks encountered by Xamarin.Forms developers and their generic solutions. And sure enough, most professional Xamarin apps need polished UX and developers may be better served grabbing well-engineered performant UI controls out of the box to ship their apps faster. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of our Telerik UI for Xamarin and our conversations naturally gravitated towards how Xamarin developers can augment their development experience using the Telerik suite. Think complex feature-rich UI that you don't want to recreate from scratch – like ListViews, Charts, SideDrawers & more – we got you covered.

Got a little downtime during lunch or after the kids are in bed? Give this XamarinShow episode a watch – we'll keep you entertained with friendly banter and showcase polished UI for your Xamarin apps. By developers, For developers.

Show Segments:

  • [07:00] Introduction to DevCraft
  • [10:00] Telerik UI for Xamarin
  • [17:00] Enhanced ListViews
  • [30:00] Flyout Navigation, Charts, Graphs, and more

Show Notes: