Visual Studio Toolbox for Modern Web Development

Showing developers how to be more productive in Visual Studio is exactly what Channel 9's show Visual Studio Toolbox is all about. Hosts Robert Green, Dmitry Lyalin and Donovan Brown interview community leaders and industry game changers on latest tools you can add to your Visual Studio Toolbox.

Ed Charbeneau and Sam Basu had the pleasure of joining the fantastic Robert Green on the latest show. We discussed the spectrum of web development stacks that make up the ASP.NET ecosystem and what it takes to be a modern web developer. With this wide range of modern web development choices such as: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, and Angular, developers need the most professional, high performance and feature rich UI components available today.

Telerik has you covered with tools engineered from the ground up taking taking into account the nuances of each platform. Think complex, feature-rich UI that you don't want to recreate from scratch – like Charts, Data Grids, ListViews and more – whether you're using Razor, TagHelpers, or Angular components.

Got a little downtime during lunch or after the kids are in bed? Give this Visual Studio episode a watch – we'll give you the insights into how the ASP.NET ecosystem has evolved and where it's going. Learn how the JavaScript ecosystem play its role in modern web development using Visual Studio.

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