Mobile apps at HackMIT 2016

HackMIT 2016 is coming. Hackathons offer the opportunity to meet many new people and learn tons of new things in a short period of time. Participation in initiatives like these can inspire us for a long time. So, when you have an opportunity to join a hackathon, I recommend that you do it without any considerations. Don’t think about your team or worry about your knowledge, just jump into the adventure – you will figure it out on site.

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you develop during the 24 hours of HackMIT, one thing is sure – **it will need a mobile app **as well. The app may even just be a way to visualize data after we collect it. There are just so many possibilities, and most of them are lead us to mobile devices. Progress Software is a software vendor that understands that the time for development is crucial and it will be there to help the participants to build native mobile apps on both major platforms with the help of JavaScript.

The bundle of technologies that will help you

To create a native mobile app that runs on Android and iOS used to be painful. We’d need to develop skills with different frameworks, tools and environments. With NativeScript, we can start developing native mobile apps by applying our current knowledge from well known languages like JavaScript, CSS and XML. The NativeScript framework is open source and completely free. If you’re familiar with Angular 2, NativeScript supports that too. There are many examples and code samples which could be used as foundation of our projects. This is the easiest way to start with a new technology.

But, to develop fast and without restrictions, we need a suite of components with rich functionality. This is where NativeScript UI fits in. It offers a 30 day trial where you have access to all of the functionality that the controls provide. The teams which win the Progress’ contest will get free licenses for one year.

Hybrid apps are still an option for mobile development and this is where the Telerik Platform can also assist. It offers an IDE, source control, UI suite of controls and online simulators. It also offers a 30 day trial if you want to give it a test drive.

When it comes to data, with the Telerik Platform trial license also gives you access to Telerik BackEnd services. This is where you can store your data easily. It offers powerful JavaScript and .NET SDKs, offline support and push notifications.

All of these products are part of the Progress’ portfolio. If you’re at HackMIT and need access to any of our other products leave a comment and we will try to provide them as well.


At HackMIT, Progress’ great products come with great mentors. They will be there to help you with guidelines related to the products themselves but also with advice on how to organize your team and work. Eduardo and I will be more than happy to work with all of you.


The main reason to use the Progress’ products is because they are great. But the secondary one is that you will be included in our contest with the opportunity to win a great prize.

Have fun

Besides technology, contests and prizes, hackathons offer everyone who participates the chance to have fun and learn something new. Join in the conversation. The NativeScript community created a dedicated Slack channel for HackMIT. Get an invitation from here and join the hackathon channel.

Let’s meet there and have fun.