Manish Bisht Wins Angular Attack With Kendo UI

The Kendo UI team recently had the opportunity to sponsor Angular Attack, a 48 hour online Angular hackathon. This online hackathon features contestants from all over the globe, inspiring creativity and boasting big prizes. Entries are reviewed by expert judges, who are leaders in the Angular community.

As a sponsor of Angular Attack we wanted to learn more about the contest winners who won using our beloved Kendo UI. We reached out to Manish Bisht winner of the Utility & Fun category for an interview so we could share his story with the Angular community. Here's what Manish had to say:

What’s your background, professionally?

I am currently a third year engineering student in SKIT, Jaipur. I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Right now I am participating in the Google Summer of Code 2017 Program with phpmyadmin.

Tell us about your Angular Attack project?

I download a lot of videos from YouTube, but every time I download videos from any available downloader they kept showing me a lot of advertisements. One day I got the email notification about Angular Attack (As I was last year participant) and thought of building one application that can help to download videos from any website. I found youtube-dl ( a python library that gives the download link of videos and it supports different websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. So I downloaded the library and uploaded it in Amazon AWS Lamda ( and made an API on Amazon AWS API Gateway ( Next, I had to the work on front-end. This was my second AngularJS project and made the application by taking help from the official angular documentation (Documentations are the best way to learn for developers). For the UI, I chose Kendo UI for its components and it was very easy to learn from the documentation. So I learned lot of new things while building this application.

What was the most interesting challenge you overcame while building your project for Angular Attack?

The biggest challenge for me was setting up the API to get the download links. Then I found this tutorial and things became very easy for me.

What was the biggest benefit of using Kendo UI in your project?

The benefit of using Kendo UI was I got production ready components that helped me to make the application faster and it just worked. It saved a lot of useful time during hackathon.

If you could have one epic super component for Angular what would it be?

It would be great if Kendo UI could provide a logo component that gives the logo of popular companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc as most people show the social media links on their website and other common logos like browse, edit, delete. Much like the material design icons in the logo components. Hope to see this feature in future.

Great news Manish, we already have this feature supported in AngularJS and Angular. Looks like you got your wish!

What is your advice for getting involved with the Angular community?

I have hosted the application on a domain for public use so anyone can use it. If you find any issue report it on or submit the PR fixing that bug; I would be happy to merge it. I will keep making more improvements and adding features in the future. I am using my Kendo UI Professional license so that I can improve the UI and use more components.

What is your favorite learning resource for getting started with Angular?

Documentation is the best way to learn any new Technology and Framework so I would suggest to learn from the official documentation. I also usually learn from documentation and videos. This is the first tutorial on AngularJS that I have taken Shaping up with Angular JS. Hope it helps you too in learning.

For those who want to start learning Angular I would suggest you to learn Angular (2.0 / 4.0) because it has more advanced features and in my opinion is better than AngularJS .

Any final thoughts?

Thanks to the Angular Attack Team and all the sponsors for organizing this online hackathon. Hackathons are the best way to learn in shorter period of time. See you at Angular Attack 2018 😉

If anyone would like to get in touch with me I am not too hard to reach. Just drop an email at hi[at] I would be happy to have a chat with you.