Kendo UI For Angular Official Launch

May the 9th is a great day. It’s not the 4th, so I can’t make any terrible Star Wars puns (you’re welcome ), but it is a very important day nonetheless. It is the day that we officially launch Progress Kendo UI For Angular.

This is a milestone in the history of Kendo UI. We knew Han’s down (sorry, couldn’t help myself) that it was going to be a difficult road to get Kendo UI ready for Angular. We realized very early on that we couldn’t just wrap our existing jQuery components and call them ready. In order to fully cross over to the Angular side (last one, I swear), we had to rebuild Kendo UI from the ground up.

Breaking With jQuery

Wrapping our jQuery components would have been the quickest route to a release and easiest for us to build. But even as we sat in the room discussing the options, we all knew deep down that in order to do it right, we were going to have to go back to the drawing board.

Kendo UI for Angular is a complete re-write of Kendo UI. We knew that we couldn’t drag our jQuery dependencies into Angular. Even though our love for jQuery is fully operational (I can’t stop) in the context of Angular, it’s simply an unecessary overhead that would ultimately hamstring the performance benefits that Angular provides.

Our rebuild makes Kendo UI fully Angular because it is Angular. This means that our templates are just Angular templates. Our binding is just regular Angular bindings. And because our components are now built on and with Angular, they simply work right along-size things like ahead-of-time Compilation (AoT) and tree shaking. The result is a better developer experience, and ultimately, faster and far more performant applications.

Join Us For The Launch 🚀

We’ve got a big launch event scheduled for May 9th at 11 AM EST. We’re going to be raffling off some great prizes, including 5 Ultimate Angular subscriptions, an XBox One S and an all expenses paid trip to Alderaan (not really, that planet was tragically destroyed). We’re also got some great guests joining us, including Tara Manicsic from the Kendo UI Team, Stephen Fluin from the Angular team, and Long Le, Developer Expert working for Pioneer Natural Resources – a company that has already standardized on Angular and Kendo UI For Angular.

We’re quite excited about this release, and frankly, we’re thrilled with how the product turned out. Angular is rather new to everyone, including us. It’s been a long road as we tried to keep up with all the breaking changes in Angular 2, learned about things like Reactive Forms and our calls with the Angular team trying to sort through the details. But it was worth it. Kendo UI For Angular is the evolution of the most popular set of UI components we’ve ever made.

We look forward to seeing you on May 9th and remember, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.