Get Started with NativeScript for Mobile App Development…for free!

When I first ventured into app development I turned to NativeScript because it allows me to apply the web development skills I have honed over many years to develop native mobile applications in an open source framework. From a single code base I can write and deploy native mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

While the platform is relatively easy to learn for web developers like myself, the training resources available (i.e, the docs section of, community blog posts and big publishing houses) have their limitations. What’s missing? The ability to access a broad scope of NativeScript online training courses that are high quality and up to date.

To address this challenge, and help the awesome NativeScript community better navigate mobile app development in the platform, myself along with NativeScript community leaders like Nathan Walker and Paul Halliday, have created a series of online training courses at Unlike typical training videos, these courses are evergreen, and are updated as new versions of NativeScript are deployed. If you have enrolled in a course that has been updated, you will automatically be notified, and will have free access to the update.

To help you get started, I’ve deployed two FREE courses.

  1.  Core Getting Started Guide: In this 36-lesson tutorial you'll use NativeScript, a cross-platform JavaScript framework for building native mobile apps, to build an iOS and Android app from scratch. This course is based on the NativeScript Core Groceries Tutorial by and focuses on using pure JavaScript and CSS to build your applications.

  2.  NativeScript with Angular Getting Started Guide: In this 37-lesson course you’ll use NativeScript to build the updated Groceries app with TypeScript and Angular.

Once you’ve learned the basics and want to dig deeper, our NativeScript Pro courses will take you to a finished and polished product that you can launch in the app stores. Courses can be purchased on demand, or you can save money by purchasing the courses in bundles. In the course bundles, you can get up to four courses at a discounted price. Don’t wait to purchase these: 35% of the NativeScript with Angular bundle is already sold!

Multiple courses are now available for presale, as well.

I look forward to staying connected and continuing to provide you with NativeScript updates and education. Stay in the know with the latest updates on changes to NativeScript, new courses and special discounts by signing up for my email list, or connecting with on Facebook and Twitter.