Come see Progress at StirTrek

We are Progress. Wait – who? Ok, how about makers of your beloved Telerik developer tools? Yes, we are the same folks, just with a bigger team and more diverse product portfolio. We remember our roots very clearly – we make the best .NET tools for .NET ninjas. Period.

And we remain committed to the developer community, with a thriving Developer Experts program and a small army of Developer Advocates. You can come find us at lots and lots of events all across the world.

The US heartland is our bread and butter though, with dozens of excellent regional conferences throughout the year. One of our favorite ones is coming up soon – StirTrek in Columbus, Ohio. Stir Trek is an all day technology extravaganza and then a blockbuster Marvel flick with fellow geeks – what's not to like? We'll have a big presence at StirTrek this year – after all Columbus is backyard for several of us. Come see us – here are the characters:

Peter Quill / a.k.a Ed Charbeneau

Ed is truly the Star-Lord of our StirTrek presence – you could say the rest of the gang is just his entourage. Like an interplanetary policeman, Ed is the guardian of all things rogue in ASP.NET land. You should attend Ed's morning StirTrek session on ASP.NET Core Changes Every Developer Should Know. Seriously, this is a must-do session, if you dabble with anything ASP.NET and want to know what's all the buzz about. Now if you are doing anything interesting with technology, there is another place you'll find Ed all through the day – read on.

Gamora / a.k.a Tara Manicsic

Tara is our resident expert on all things modern web. Aside from her superhuman technological agility, Tara is also known to be an accelerated healer – in case you have been burnt by soul-scarring JavaScript and plethora of over-complicated frameworks. Come talk to her all day about the beauty of Kendo UI – the one born from the core of jQuery (it's not dead!), but reinvented for modern component beasts like Angular 2 and React.

Drax / a.k.a Sam Basu

Next up, you'll be hit with some disappointment – and that's me, Sam. With a high-energy one year old in tow, I live a dad life and not nearly as ripped or cool as Drax. Thankfully, our profession only demands energy blasts from fingers on a keyboard. I do mobility – of all kinds, starting from Native, JS-Native and of course, cross-compiled with Xamarin. Come talk to me about all things .NET Core, Xamarin, UWP, WPF and the server-full cloud. I am also known to give free hugs if you are recovering from WinForms or Silverlight wounds.

Rocket / a.k.a You

Look at you, the developer – coming out all guns blazing to soak in all the knowledge at StirTrek. You are an expert marksman in your chosen technology stack, but also a master tactician when your team needs to diversify. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and attend that weird session on that crazy new technology.

So you, clearly need to come see us – we're like polyglot geeks from a distant related clan. It will be hard to miss us at the Progress booth, but let us sweeten the deal for you.

Your Words – For Eternity

Shepherding kids and fighting off hipster web developers is tiresome – Ed is known to often find refuge in his basement closet. And from the ashes of human sanity, rose a shining testament to developer nerd talk – the Eat Sleep Code podcast. And unlike other ruthless conference empires, StirTrek sees value in geeky thoughts and sympathizes with a lone soldier carrying podcasting equipment around all day long.

So, Ed will have an entire recording studio setup, right inside of the StirTrek venue. And he's already lined up an enviable guest list for podcast recordings. Working on a cool project, excited about a new tool or just want to vent your frustration about using a framework? All is welcome as long as it is relevant to fellow developers. Come sign up for podcast recordings at the Progress booth and immortalize your words!

Show Me the Stuff

We're going to talk hardcore tech @ the Progress booth. Using or considering a Telerik product – bring it. Frustrated with age-old UI or DevOps from the 90's? We're all ears and hopefully show you the light at the end of the tunnel. We think most of you will be mesmerized by our handsome faces and deep resonating voices. For the handful that are hard to impress – we'll have a prize wheel @ the booth.

What's on the wheel slices? We're known for super cool developer swag and we hope to keep the tradition going. The prize wheel decides your fortune – a pick to soothe your inner nerdiness or cater to family entertainment.

4 Amazon Echos will be up for grabs – go ahead and speak your mind. Alexa is snooping…err…listening.

We've made some awesome custom die-cut stickers – combining the best of Star-Lord and the Telerik .NET Ninja. This is designed for you to show off ultra geekiness from your laptop cover – just don't bother explaining when mere mortals ask what it is.

You can get the same cool logo, now printed on swanky Tshirts. And yes, we'll have most sizes for Men and Women. These will be super rare and only available for StirTrek. Our advice – if you get your hands on one of these shirts, hang on to it for dear life and protect from developer mobs.

Nerdiness is often best when shared and passed down to future generations. Your kids or family will miss you while you're at StirTrek and even more so if you watch the latest Marvel blockbuster by yourself. So go ahead and take care of the herd – we'll have some cool Fandango gift cards as prizes.

Now, the best has been saved for last. This one will not be on the prize wheel – you'll have to earn it while at StirTrek. Building cross-platform native mobile apps in Xamarin? We applaud your technology stack and want to contribute to your success with Telerik UI for Xamarin – a complete suite of rich performant UI controls for all your Xamarin apps.

Take a good hard look at all the controls that make up the UI for Xamarin suite or play with the sample apps in respective app stores. Tell us before 3pm on StirTrek day as to why you would want to use UI for Xamarin in your mobile app – use the hashtag #TelerikXamarin on Twitter. A couple of coveted Cross-Platform Telerik UI for Xamarin licenses are up for grabs – the top two deserving tweets take away the honor. Rev up your competitive tweets and ship apps faster with UI for Xamarin.

Stretch your Legs

We're sure you'll have a busy day at StirTrek – what an amazing line up of sessions. Soak in all the knowledge wealth and network with your peers. The best thing you often take away from conferences are the human connections. Need we give you any more reasons to visit the Progress booth? Seriously – come talk to us.

When all is said and done, let's all enjoy the next Marvel blockbuster – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, to top off a great geeky day. Cheers to that and we'll see you in Columbus!