Angular Attack Winner – Abhishek Singh!

This year we were very excited to sponsor Angular Attack, a 48-hour Angular hackathon. We saw some really great projects and a few that we thought were really exceptional. Among those was Abhishek Singh's Spot the Alphabet game. This is an immersive augmented reality game for toddlers to help them recognize the alphabet. We talked to Abhishek to learn more about the game and his process during Angular Attack 2017, check it out ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Abhishek! To start out, whatโ€™s your background, professionally?

I'm working as Lead Front End Engineer in hCentive, Noida, India. Our team has built a marketplace for Insurance carriers to provide Insurance benefits for Employees.

Where are you based and why?

I am based in Noida, a city adjoining New Delhi and part of National Capital Region of India. New Delhi has emerged as a key location for software development companies and startups in India along with Bangalore. hCentive has the only development center located in Noida. Also, this place is quite close to where my parents live, so I can reach out to them often.


Tell us about your Angular Attack project?

I guess I hold the record for winning in both the first and second version of Angular Attack๐Ÿ˜‰ and extremely happy this time it was the Innovation category.

Thank you for providing all the participants such a great platform to exercise our creative muscle and a chance to use frameworks like Angular and Kendo UI.

My story for Angular Attack hackathon goes like this:

One week before the hackathon, I still had no idea what I would be building. Still, I found it apt to brush up Angular 4 and Angular Kendo UI. I was impressed after going through the Kendo UI components. Angular Kendo UI offers one of the best UI Components available for Angular2+. I was confident that I would use them in my hackathon project.

Coming to the idea, I was inspired by the recently held F8 developer conference which revolved around the idea of Augmented reality (AR). This was my first hunch. Also, I had wanted to build some educational apps for my loving daughter who has just started her pre-primary school. These two hunches converged and I could visualize the app i.e. an AR game for kids to identify and learn alphabets. An educational app is complete only if we track the learning and present the data in a meaningful manner. Kendo UI chart was perfect for this.

The app building was both fun and hard work. I was fortunate to find out AR API awe.js and speech recognition API annyang. I had set aside 2-3 hours of time for the 'Report Card' Page which shows the learning metrics. But I am amazed that I could complete it in less than 20 minutes. Thanks to nice documentation and easy to use Kendo chart component. This saved me time for testing my app and completing the app comfortably within the deadline.

This year of Angular Attack is also different in the terms of big prize money including the bonus prize of $2000 from Kendo UI. This makes me even more excited ๐Ÿค‘

What was the most interesting challenge you overcame while builidng your project for Angular Attack?

Other than the technical challenge, what kept me on edge was keeping the app intuitive and friendly for kids. Although, I got positive feedback, but still I find scope for improvement in the app.

What was the biggest benefit of using Kendo UI in your project?
Kendo UI provides great components since the jQuery days. As of now, I think, Kendo UI provides one of the best components to be used out of box for Angular 4, special mention to charts, which I used in my project.

If you could have one epic superpower component for Angular what would it be?
I want a Jarvis component for Angular. Its special power would include, converting UI screenshots/wireframes to a functional application spawning all the child components out of thin air.

Oh Jarvis

What features of Angular are you looking forward to using the most?
I am excited to use Angular Universal for the server side rendering of templates.

What is your favorite learning resource for getting started with Angular?
Angular team has done a great work in documentation. The Getting Started and other tutorials on is all you need in getting started. I found video tutorials on Frontend Masters good too.

Big thanks to Abhishek, we'll stay tuned next year to see if you make it a lucky three wins ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ˜‰. Thanks to everyone who made Angular Attack so awesome .Hope to see you next year!!