Saying Goodbye to the Telerik Developer Network


Changing Careers to Coding

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Julie Torres shares her story of switching careers. Julie, banker turned developer talks about coding bootcamps and learning to code. Julie outlines what to expect in a Jr. Dev interview, and other advice covered in her new book How to Become a Web Developer: The Career Changer’s […]

Functions as Data: Functional Programming in C#

In Object Oriented Programming (OOP), we’re used to using collections of objects or simple data types. We often sort and filter these collections using LINQ as part of business logic behaviors or for data transformation. While these are useful tasks we frequently perform, it can be easy to forget that functions in C# can be […]

5 .NET Standard Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Banner photo by Bridget Coila modified by Ed Charbeneau It’s amazing to see the .NET community with so much energy, can you believe there’s a C# Advent Calendar. That means there’s 25 (including this one), all new articles for the month of December! As the .NET ecosystem moves at record speed these days, it’s easy […]