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What is Angular?

Every once in a while it’s worth taking a step back and looking at the development world from a beginner’s perspective. Here at Progress, we use Angular a lot. Angular is a fundamental building block in both our web framework Kendo UI, as well as our mobile framework NativeScript. As such, we get a lot […]

Building An iTunes Player With Angular

By Angular, we mean Angular 2. In this tutorial, we’re going to build an iTunes Search application. The app will use the open iTunes JSONP API to search for artists, display albums by that artist in a Kendo UI Grid. Each album will be expanded to show a detail grid which will contain all of […]

Improving the State of your App with Redux

Redux is a self-proclaimed "predictable state container for JavaScript apps." It has gained popularity through its association and integration with the React library. In this article, we'll look at the basics of Redux architecture and then explore how to build a "real world" application using Redux and Angular 2. What is Redux Redux is a […]

Single Project Full-Stack Angular 2

Whether you underestimated Angular 2 or believed in its complete success, it's time to learn what Angular 2 can do for you. Now that Angular 2 is out of beta, let's take a serious look at how to develop a full stack application using ASP.NET Core and Angular 2. In this article we'll learn how […]

Visualizing Data on the Web with Kendo UI for Angular 2

Recently, I've been very interested in the demographics of the United States. When someone asked me for the population in Ohio, I replied, "Lots of millions? Wait. Siri, what's the population of Ohio?" As you will see, the population of Ohio, according to the 2015 Census, is around 11.59 million. Although Google and Siri are […]

Drag and Drop Grouping and Sorting with Angular 2

Drag and Drop functionality is a familiar and intuitive user interface (UI) behavior allowing users to directly manipulate data on the screen. Building a drag and drop interface on the web can be challenging since only the most basic drag and drop features are available in HTML5. More robust UI scenarios that include state management, […]

Cross-Browser HTML5 Form Validation is Finally Here! Now What?

Last week the Safari team released a new Technology Preview, and the release contained a feature that caught my eye. OMG, THE NEW SAFARI TECH PREVIEW HAS FORM VALIDATION SUPPORT! — TJ VanToll (@tjvantoll) December 7, 2016 I’m irrationally excited because this is more than just a mundane feature shipping in a random […]

Using Kendo UI With Angular 2

In August of this year, after a few months of hard work, we released Kendo UI For Angular 2 Beta. Since then we’ve been hard at work towards our Release Candidate slated for January. We’re very excited about these components, and we truly believe that some things – the very best things – are worth […]

Scaling UI Patterns

Guest Kevin Mack talks about reusable UI components and utilities and building scaleable web UIs using responsive web design techniques.

Kendo UI in SharePoint Online Pt. 4 – SharePoint Lists

Welcome to the fourth article in this series that explores how to use Kendo UI by Progress in SharePoint Online. In the previous article, we explored how to reference Kendo UI in our solution so that we can start creating web pages that feature Kendo UI widgets. In this article, we'll look at how to […]