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Big Announcements at Microsoft Connect

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Jeff Fritz a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, shares news from today’s Microsoft Connect event in New York. Jeff discusses Visual Studio 2017 RC’s new productivity, debugging and quick installation features. We chat about Visual Studio for Mac and SQL Server for Linux. Jeff shares what .NET […]

Why the Command Line? Why now?

Modern developers are often polyglots — they dabble in different operating systems, programming languages, frameworks and tools as they build the next generation of applications. On top of that, modern applications run on a variety of platforms and devices, all leading to very mixed developer skill sets and tools of the trade. No longer are […]

Contain Your Excitement: Cross Platform Containers with Docker

The cloud has transformed the way enterprise applications are developed, delivered, and hosted. A major catalyst of these recent transformations has been the widespread adoption of containers. A significant milestone occurred in early 2013 when the software containerization platform Docker was released as open source. As evidenced by the following diagram, interest has grown exponentially […]

Jumpstart Your Xamarin App Development

So you want to build a mobile app? Your developer zen will quickly be threatened by the plethora of ways you can go about building a modern, cross-platform mobile app today. The below illustration shows an assortment of just a few of the technologies that you can use and the most common frameworks/platforms used for […]

npm for the Visual Studio Developer

Node Package Manager (npm) has become an indispensable part of modern app development. Its ability to manage JavaScript dependencies and manage app development scripts has led to its popularity. If you're building web applications JavaScript is unavoidable and so is npm. One drawback to using npm, from a Visual Studio developer's point of view, may […]

Engineering the Future of .NET

While there is a huge army of engineers at Microsoft who work on .NET and C#, the following folks are arguably the most influential in bringing you the future of .NET and .NET Tooling. Scott Hunter Rich Lander Damian Edwards David Fowler Mads Kristensen Mads Torgersen Let's say you had an opportunity to have all […]

Into the Next Dimension with Big Data

Ed Charbeneau shares is session “Into the next dimension” from M3 Conference. Developers today need to pay attention to evolving platforms and the rapid rate at which they are expanding.

Developer Digest 9

Ed, Brian, and special guest Todd Motto cover the latest news in the development community including: Angular 2 migration, React component wrappers, the right and wrong way to contribute to open source, and much more.

Stay Sharp with Razor TagHelpers

TagHelpers are a new addition to ASP.NET Core that allow developers to write complex HTML elements using a component-like syntax. Let’s begin by discussing the reason TagHelpers were created. By understanding why TagHelpers were created, we can get a better idea of what TagHelpers are and how to identify them. Why Were TagHelpers Created? The […]

Understanding ASP.NET Core Initialization

ASP.NET Core ushers in a new generation of ASP.NET applications. This new generation of application can run on many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Docker. Running cross platform means dropping the need for Internet Information Services (IIS) to host the application. In addition, ASP.NET Core has been engineered with dependency injection and a […]