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Microsoft Cognitive Services and Friends

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code guest David Giard discusses Microsoft Cognitive Services, functionalities, and how they’re used. We brain storm ideas for the future of cognitive APIs and what UX problems they will eliminate. David Giard David Giard is a former accountant and a former biochemist, who has been developing solutions using Microsoft […]

Into the Next Dimension with Big Data

Ed Charbeneau shares is session “Into the next dimension” from M3 Conference. Developers today need to pay attention to evolving platforms and the rapid rate at which they are expanding.

The Software Developer Mindset

On this episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast, guest Julie Lerman talks about the Software Developer mindset.

Developer Digest 6

Ed and Sam Basu cover the latest news in the development community including: Angular 2, NativeScript snacks, ASP.NET Core RTM, and Windows CLI.

Developer Digest 5

Ed Charbeneau and Brian Rinaldi discuss the latest articles for developers including where the web is going in 2016 and improving front-end projects.

Developer Digest 4

On this episode , Brian and Ed cover the latest news in the development community including: bots-bots-bots, React setup, ASP.NET Core RC2, Project.json, and NativeScript.

Running a Worldwide Hackathon on Slack

Last Fall, our team at Progress helped a partner run a hackathon for their R&D organization. The hackathon (perhaps best described as a boot camp) leveraged Slack and I believe the general ideas can be applied to similar situations. In this post, I’ll explain what we did so that you can hopefully apply the processes […]

How to Recover from Your Parse Addiction

I have been a big, big fan of Parse. It was one of the best backend-as-a-service providers that was particularly developer-friendly. I started using it several years ago as an indie mobile developer, creating mobile apps for families, kids, and to promote fitness with all kinds of bells and whistles like awards, push notifications, data […]

Fighting Against Bloated Software

Today, hard disk space, memory and internet speeds are cheap, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to write bloated software. Not surprisingly, software development tools tend to be the biggest offenders in this space – massive applications that eat up your disk space and hog system resources. What can you do if you need to […]

Azure Machine Learning

Jennifer Marsman talks about Azure Machine Learning and how Microsoft is bringing AI to the masses.