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Visual Studio Toolbox for Modern Web Development

Showing developers how to be more productive in Visual Studio is exactly what Channel 9's show Visual Studio Toolbox is all about. Hosts Robert Green, Dmitry Lyalin and Donovan Brown interview community leaders and industry game changers on latest tools you can add to your Visual Studio Toolbox. Ed Charbeneau and Sam Basu had the […]

Todd Motto chats with Sherry List

Todd Motto sits down for a chat with Sherry List during Angular Connect 2016 about being a ballerina, rock climbing, the Angular 2 CLI, Italian & British accents, enjoying tea & crumpets and more.

Todd Motto chats with Amanda Cavallaro

Todd Motto talks with Amanda Cavallaro during Angular Connect 2016 about 4 days with no sleep, Angular 2 security, her prior life as a teacher and more.

Todd Motto chats with Tracy Lee

Todd Motto sits down for a short chat with Tracy Lee List during Angular Connect 2016 about lousy British accents, messing with Todd’s perfectly quaffed hair, the Angular 2 forms and routing API, fame, Snapchat and more.

Todd Motto chats with Misko Hevery

Todd Motto talks with Misko Hevery during Angular Connect 2016 about ahead of time compilation, Angular 2 templates, the lack of free time, a medical career that will never be, fame and more.

Make Programming Great Again (NativeScript Developer Day Keynote)

Code is more than just a means to an end. A programming language can help you accomplish your needs, discover new horizons, and just plain have fun. In the closing keynote from NativeScript Developer Day 2016 in Boston, Raymond Camden shows how embracing a platform that lets you be creative, that lets you explore, can […]

Nativescript: Past, Present and Future ({N} Developer Day Keynote)

Three years ago some engineers at Telerik begin working on a mobile framework that could help turn web developers into mobile developers. Not mobile web developers or hybrid developers, but true native mobile developers. Over two years later, that framework was released as the open source project called NativeScript. We’ve come a long way since […]

Don’t Be A Stereotype, Rapid Prototype – Session Recording

In this session from StirTrek, I discuss rapid prototyping. In just about every industry, rapid prototyping is described as “a group of techniques used to quickly produce a working model”, and web development should be no different. Rapid prototyping allows developers to quickly communicate and collaborate on the product they are creating while investing minimal […]

Getting Physical with the Beacon-enabled Web – Fluent 2016 Session

In my talk from this year’s Fluent conference I discuss Eddystone beacons, the physical web, cultural installations, treasure boxes with treasures, and Kendo UI-powered web sites.

Cordova Plugin Roundup – PhoneGap Day 2016 Session

In last few years Cordova plugins have become the cornerstone of many high-quality Cordova and PhoneGap applications. In just the last year, we at Telerik have grown our curated Cordova plugins marketplace from small handful of plugins to now 65 and counting. In my talk from PhoneGap Day 2016 you’ll learn about the latest greatest […]