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Progress Goes To Google I/O

This week, Progress is at Google I/O in the human form of Tara Manicsic and yours truly. Google I/O is a big conference that takes place in Mountain View at the shoreline amphitheater. At my first I/O, Sergey Brin jumped out of a plane with Google Glass and landed on the top of the Moscone […]

A Developer’s Perspective on Microsoft’s /BUILD Announcements

As the makers of your beloved Telerik developer tools for .NET ninjas and as partners, Progress has a big presence at Microsoft's /BUILD conference. We want developers to be successful as Microsoft shares their vision of what's next for technology and how pervasive intelligent software can help shape our lives. Here are my "developer perspectives" […]

Have Web Standards on Mobile Caught Up to Phonegap in 2017? Pt. 1

Anyone who has attended a presentation on PhoneGap (or Apache Cordova) since its inception has probably heard this famous statement: "The ultimate purpose of PhoneGap is to cease to exist." In 2012, Brian LeRoux wrote up the PhoneGap Beliefs, Goals and Philosophy that stated as much: This is not some self-defeating far planned suicide, but […]

Developer Digest Facebook Echo Look Software Developers

Ed and Brian cover the latest news in the development community including: what happened at Facebook’s F8 event, what is a software developer, Amazon’s Echo Look and Machine Learning. What is the Telerik Developer Digest? The Telerik Developer Digest is the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the […]

7 Killer Visual Studio 2017 Features for Mobile Developers

So you are a mobile developer who is looking for some sanity amidst a plethora of frameworks, platforms and tooling? Maybe you are wondering if Visual Studio is the right IDE for you? I believe it is. Let me convince you as to why. 1. Easier Getting Started One of the pain points with any […]

What Did We Learn from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference?

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference was earlier this week and it presented a not-quite-crystal-clear vision of the future constrained by a fierce competition with Snap. But that’s just the tl;dr of one fool’s opinion (that’s me). As developers with an eye on the future, what should we take away from this conference? Facebook is Extremely Concerned […]

What is a Software Developer?

This article has been many months in the making, and actually stemmed from a really uncomfortable family discussion around the dinner table where we had an argument about, of all things, what a “Coder” is. A non-technical dinner guest asked me what it meant when my young niece said she is “learning code” by having […]

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a term that you hear often in the software development industry, and since 2015 that term has become even more popular. So what exactly is this Machine Learning, where did it come from, why is it gaining popularity, and how is it important to software developers? Let's start by looking at the […]

Automapper for .NET Core

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code guest Jimmy Bogard shares his perspective on Microsoft’s basic object-mapper. Jimmy talks about the future of Automapper and support for .NET Core & .NET Standard. Jimmy Bogard Jimmy is a member of the ASPInsiders group, the C# Insiders group, and received the “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award […]

ng-conf 2017 Keynote Live Blog

Welcome to the Progress live blog of the ng-conf 2017 keynote. Here, Jen Looper, Sebastian Witalec, Tara Z. Manicsic, TJ VanToll, and Burke Holland will be sharing their thoughts on the opening day keynote of this year’s ng-conf—live! The keynote starts on Wednesday, April 5th at 11:00 AM US Eastern time, and we’ll be kicking […]